Great Britain: Deloitte employees can opt to access a portion of their supplementary pension funds before they retire

On 04 October, the international professional services network giant headquartered in London announced that its 22,000 UK employees will now be able to receive the firm’s company pension contribution as an additional cash payment included in their regular salary. This unprecedented change is one of a series of other measures aimed at improving employees' family life, including the introduction of paid leave in the event of loss at any time during pregnancy.

Through . Published on 12 October 2022 à 11h05 - Update on 12 October 2022 à 11h05

“Saving for retirement remains incredibly important however we know from listening to our people that some would value flexibility and choice around their pension contributions,” said Jackie Henry, HR manager at Deloitte UK. Concretely, this means that employees have the flexibility to choose between receiving the firm’s company pension contribution directly in their salary payments or alternatively to have the contribution continue being directed to the pension fund as before.…

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