Ikea Retail (Ingka Group) to pay out €110 million in Covid bonuses to its employees

Through . Published on 03 November 2021 à 10h46 - Update on 03 November 2021 à 10h46

In view of their ‘exceptional adaptability and entrepreneurial spirit’ shown since the beginning of the pandemic, the furniture and home furnishing retailer will pay staff a total of €110 million in bonuses, which makes an average of nearly €648 for each employee. The measure will benefit the 170,000 staff working for the Ingka Group (Ikea Retail), which manages the majority of the brand’s stores (nearly 400 worldwide) as well as shopping centres. In a statement, Ulrika Biesèrt, People & Culture manager at IKEA Retail (Ingka Group) said,  “Since the early stage of the pandemic, we have strived to support our co-workers in a professional and caring manner, in line with our values and humanistic approach, and this is another step in that direction.”  The one-off payment will be made in January 2022 for all current employees who were working with the company on 31 August 2021. In an interview with the Forbes publication, the executive details the development plan launched at the beginning of the Covid period, particularly in terms of the digital theme, and in the face of the boom in online sales. The company has also launched a massive meditation training program. “The regular practice of mindfulness, implemented throughout the organization, helps employees feel heard and supported. It reminds them that they are not alone and reduces loneliness as well as isolation,” explains Ulrika Biesèrt.

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