Corporate practices: how the Rudus construction materials manufacturer managed to significantly cut the number of industrial accidents on its production sites

Through . Published on 21 November 2011 Ă  14h48 - Update on 21 November 2011 Ă  14h48

uction company which employs about 1,300 people. It produces concrete, coated macadam and asphalt and operates in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia. Bought, in 1999, by Irish multinational company, CHR Building Materials Group, it launched an active, groundbreaking policy to improve security. Accidents have dropped in ten years and the company is now one of the leaders in terms of safety at work, with the creation of an experimental park to train the employees at risk. (Ref. 110714)

When Rudus became a subsidiary of the CHR
Building Materials Group Irish multinational, a wind of change started blowing
on the company’s culture of safety at work. …

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