Christian Ruckriegel (Allianz): “Our Equal Pay project is an important part of a broader commitment to gender equality”

How do you ensure male and female employees enjoy equal pay when you are a multinational company operating in more than 70 countries with different customs and traditions? This is the challenge that the German insurance company Allianz set itself in 2020 and which earned it the renowned German HR Management Prize in the 'HR Tech & Digital' category in September 2022. According to the award panel, Allianz succeeded in deploying a data-driven method for identifying and closing potential wage gaps on a global scale in record time. Christian Ruckriegel, head of employee benefits at the German insurance group, gives us an insight into their efforts.

Through Marion Leo. Published on 17 March 2023 Ă  17h47 - Update on 22 November 2023 Ă  17h25

How did the Equal Pay project come about in 2020?

At Allianz, we attribute significant importance to equality and fairness. This means that gender should never be a factor impacting the remuneration of our employees. Equal pay should go without saying. Allianz operates in more than 70 countries and in 2020 we decided to take a closer look at the situation to see if any action was required in this area. The aim of the project was to ensure that there was no gender pay gap for equal or comparable work across Allianz insurance companies.…

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