Canada: National Bank is recruiting neurodivergent professionals to its data science teams

Through . Published on 20 April 2022 à 10h58 - Update on 20 April 2022 à 10h57

Convinced that neurodiversity allows companies “to access unique skills and ways of thinking,” the National Bank of Canada has implemented a tailored recruitment process in collaboration with EY Canada (consulting and financial services) to attract neurodivergent professionals to its data engineering analyst and data scientist teams. The process is based on greater communication with the candidate and a detailed explanation of the steps involved. “We are proud to offer candidates who identify as neurodivergent a personalized recruitment process that allows them to demonstrate the extent of their talent,” said Lucie Houle, Vice-President of Talent and Culture at National Bank in a statement released on 04 April. The VP continued, “This new approach allows us to welcome highly skilled candidates into our teams.” The traditional recruitment process often presents a barrier for people with autism, ADHD and other sensory and cognitive differences and restricts their access to interesting professional opportunities. “Many individuals who identify as neurodivergent are technologically inclined, detail-oriented and tenacious workers, and yet, this talent remains underutilized in the workforce. That’s a missed opportunity, not just for organizations, but for communities, families, and society at large,” lamented Anthony Rjeily, EY Canada Neurodiversity Leader.

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