France: Eurogroup Consulting offers entry-level consultancy positions to older jobseekers

As it grapples with a competitive labour market and structural staff turnover, Eurogroup Consulting is turning its attention to jobseekers over the age of 45 who are keen to retrain. The consultancy specialising in strategy and organisation has set up a programme called Parcours Rebond ('Rebound Pathway'), which aims to test candidates' ability to embrace the profession through a week's immersion on an assignment with a client company.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 13 October 2023 Ă  15h00 - Update on 13 October 2023 Ă  15h00

Seven women aged over 45 – members of the Force Femmes association – that have been looking for work for at least two years and are ready to change career paths, were selected from 16 candidates to join Eurogroup Consulting’s Parcours Rebond programme. Since 9 October, each of them has been put into action on an assignment within a client company, supervised by a team from the consultancy. The aim is to test their ability to understand the challenges of being a consultant and to fit in with the assignment,…

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