France: Generali launches action plans to boost female representation across its distribution network and STEM professions

After striving to narrow the gender pay gap, which has resulted in the French arm of the Italian insurance group scoring 94/100 on the gender parity professional index, Generali is now seeking to strengthen gender parity within its distribution network and its technical professions in France, where women are under-represented. The company also intends to boost female representation in its management bodies, an area in which it is lagging and which is costing the French division almost all the points it needs in order to achieve maximum points.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 10 March 2023 Ă  16h30 - Update on 10 March 2023 Ă  16h34

Generali is stepping up its efforts to achieve gender parity at all levels, by way of recruitment and internal promotion. 51% of the company’s employees are female and 49.4% of its managers are women. However, only 42.5% of executive level staff are female and an even lower 31% sit on the executive board. The insurance group has made greater progress towards achieving gender pay parity through the deployment of an annual budget of €250,000 as per the relevant company agreement that is directed to reducing gender pay gaps. The company has thus been able to achieve a 39/40 score for this component of the …

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