France: Matmut mutual insurance company renews its agreement supporting those in situations of disability and care giving

The Matmut insurance group has adopted a new company agreement addressing the employment of those in situations of disability and care giving. The agreement, which reinforces its inclusion policy, was unanimously signed by the employees’ representative organisations ( CFE-CGC, FO, CFDT, SN2A-CFTC and CGT). Covering the period 2022-2024, the text in particular provides for the hiring of at least 60 employees living with disability and establishes a system whereby care giving employees can access ‘working day donations’.

Through . Published on 04 January 2022 à 11h25 - Update on 04 January 2022 à 12h44

Following on from its previous agreement (2018-2021), the text, signed on 10 December 2021, is part of the Matmut Group’s inclusion and diversity policy. Employees in situations of disability currently account for over 7% of overall headcount (approximately 450 out of 6,400), making this the highest rate in the insurance sector to date.  …

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