France: the Saint-Gobain national ‘Agir Durablement’ programme relies on employee engagement to strengthen diversity and inclusion

In spring 2021 the French multinational building materials group launched its ‘Agir Durablement’ (Act Sustainably) programme, which enables its 38,000 employees in France to get involved in sustainability-linked projects, green mobility, renewal energy and, since November 2021, diversity and inclusion (disability, gender equality, social inclusion, LGBTQ +). In this way the company is demonstrating its determination to ‘respond to the changes of its time’ as it gears up to recruit 7,500 people in 2022.

Through . Published on 31 March 2022 à 14h11 - Update on 31 March 2022 à 14h11

Implementing an HR policy based on employee engagement and initiative. This was the challenge taken up by Régis Blugeon, Saint-Gobain HR Director for France when he launched the diversity and inclusion component of the ‘Agir Durablement’ programme. “There is a social, and civil responsibility initiative dimension that gives meaning to work. When you want to be a sustainable company, you have to be sustainable across all the different dimensions,…

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