Kering puts 14-week paternity (and partner) leave in place for all staff globally

Through . Published on 10 September 2019 à 15h12 - Update on 10 September 2019 à 14h59

With this commitment the French luxury goods brand is standing as a legal ethical pioneer. In a press statement on 10 September, Kering stated that from 01 January 2020, ‘all Group employees globally (Ed. note, 35,000 staff), irrespective of the employee’s personal circumstances or geographic location and during the six months following birth or adoption will be able to take up a minimum of 14 weeks’ maternity, paternity, adoption or partner leave on full pay by way of its Baby Leave extension to its Parental Policy.’ In December 2016 the Group launched its global parental policy providing 14 weeks of maternity (or adoption) leave on full pay and 5 days of leave to fathers and partners, equally on full pay (c.f. article No. 9972). With this new development Kering is aligning fathers’ and partners’ leave with that of mothers for the purposes of occupational equality as much as of quality of life at work. “By harmonizing these benefits for fathers and partners, not only are we giving everyone the same rights – with both parents now being entitled to the same parenting time at home – but we are also supporting women in their career – given that men and women are now equally likely to take extended leave. Our purpose is simple: to build a supportive and inclusive working environment for our employees around the globe,” declared Béatrice Lazat, Kering’s Chief People Officer, in the press statement accompanying the new measure.

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