France: Mazars harnesses training to instil a data culture among staff

Mazars, the Paris-headquartered audit and advisory firm, has stepped up its investment in data by creating the Mazars Data School. The aim of the initiative is to make all of the group's 3,800 employees in France aware of the potential of using data to aid the transformation of its business lines and improve its service offering.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 15 November 2023 à 10h12 - Update on 15 November 2023 à 10h17

Whatever their profession or level of experience, Mazars’ 3,800 employees in France will all be trained in the challenges of data by 2024, with the audit and advisory firm having set up the Mazars Data School to this end in 2022. The aim is to foster a data culture internally in order to respond to the need to transform its working methods and know-how in this area. This initiative, which is part of its ‘One24’ strategic plan for 2024, should enable the company to better exploit the potential of data and master its various uses to improve its service offering. Mazars wants to “equip all employees with a data background so that everyone can be aware of the challenges,…

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