Germany: Bayer details its ‘fundamental’ internal reorganisation programme

Bill Anderson, the new chief executive of German pharmaceutical and agrochemical conglomerate Bayer, has launched the Dynamic Shared Ownership programme in a bid to revitalise the company. Unveiled as an in-depth overhaul of the company's organisation and methods, the DSO should also result in a third fewer managers. On 9 February, Anderson and a number of the group's top executives set out more details of this internal revolution.

Through Thomas Schnee. Published on 13 February 2024 à 17h00 - Update on 14 February 2024 à 17h23

Bayer, which employs 100,000 people, clearly had a bad year in 2023, with flagship products selling poorly and new drugs performing less well than announced. As a result, the company’s financial results were down and its share price fell sharply. Bill Anderson, former head of Roche’s pharmaceuticals division, who took over as Bayer’s CEO in June 2023, not only finds this performance “unacceptable” but also believes it is the result of bureaucratic red tape, a lack of creativity and a lack of entrepreneurial spirit.…

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