Business practices: how high-tech firm Thales is upping the pace of educational innovation and the ‘marketing’ of solutions that better meet the needs of professions and employees

More than 18 months ago Jean-Roch Houllier, director of educational innovation at the Thales Learning Hub, established a structure geared towards helping his company’s training system meet new demands and “above all remain at the hub of an arena that has become considerably more complex with the arrival of new players”, which has led to a kind of “uberisation” of training. Before thinking about this new structure and strategy, Houllier needed to closely analyse the ways the world of training is being transformed. In an interview with Planet Labor, he shares some of his analysis and recounts how his vision and strategy for education and digital came about.

Through . Published on 13 January 2020 à 16h10 - Update on 13 January 2020 à 16h10
  • How would you summarise the trends that are currently challenging companies’ training systems?

Jean-Roch Houllier. The first trend is the ubiquity of knowledge, from which results a kind of ‘uberisation’ of the world of education. Today, knowledge is everywhere. There are opportunities to soak up content all over the internet and not only there. This situation has a critical consequence for all institutions involved in the formal and traditional world of training. It raises the question of who ultimately holds knowledge and calls into question the knowledge holder. This necessarily leads to a repositioning in terms of the value proposition of our training systems in our companies, if we want to remain at the hub of training in the future.

The other trend is the rise of attitudes that are more opportunistic and, in a way, more consumerist on the part of our learners.…

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