Finland: ‘Work in the age of artificial intelligence’ report reassesses human resource management

In May 2017 the Minister of Economic Affairs appointed a steering group to prepare Finland for reaching its goal of becoming a global leader in the use of artificial intelligence (AI). The group has already published two interim reports and its recommendations have been included in government policy. HR professionals are particularly focused on the second report called  ‘Work in the age of artificial intelligence’ that was published in June 2018 and that asks questions about the HR role and activity.

Through . Published on 25 October 2018 à 15h13 - Update on 25 October 2018 à 15h44

questions about the HR role and activity.

The report (here in English) examines how AI has driven transformation in the spheres of work and society. The working group was chaired by former Minister Osmo Soininvaara and comprised researchers, trade union and employers’ specialists, as well as members of government authorities. Below we focus on the report’s conclusions that have special consequences for corporate human resource management

  • A change in management and company culture is required

Finnish studies of the effects of digitalization on the economy, including AI, indicate that their impact on employee well-being depends for the most part on leadership practices. Leadership should be able to improve employee competences and in particular leadership should be able to manage while simultaneously taking older workers’ needs into account as they struggle to use the new technology and are less motivated than their younger colleagues to learn the new software and materials.…

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