How Engie is anticipating its global skill needs three years ahead of time

In 2023, French energy giant Engie launched a global programme to pre-empt its skill needs for the following three years. After surveying each of its global business units, Engie has set up a recruitment and training action plan, focusing on sales, hydrogen and biogas-related professions. The approach is unprecedented and has necessitated a dedicated structure for each business and geographical location.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 20 June 2024 Ă  17h25 - Update on 23 July 2024 Ă  15h04

Engie has been undergoing a major transformation over the past several years. The energy group, which has around 100,000 employees, has sold off almost all its coal-fired power plants and restructured, notably by selling off a large part of its service activities. It intends to invest in renewable energy and is in the process of organising itself to find the necessary skills. “Like all large companies, we were faced with a tight labour market and a need to support major recruitment of specific profiles,” explains Nicolas Rolland, group director of HR performance.…

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