EU: Commission presents proposed revision of European Works Council Directive

On 24 January, the European Commission presented its proposal for a revision of the 2009 directive on European Works Councils, long called for by the trade unions. The draft text clarifies the scope of transnational issues subject to information and consultation by EWCs and increases the penalties for non-compliance.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 25 January 2024 Ă  17h59 - Update on 25 January 2024 Ă  17h59

Almost a year after the Radtke report was adopted by the European Parliament, the Commission has presented a plan to make the 700 existing European Works Councils (representing 11.3 million employees) “more effective”. “We are pleased to see that the text largely takes up the own-initiative report, which itself included many of our proposals. It is important that our request for a directive has been heeded, whereas the Commission explained that a guide and financial resources were sufficient“,…

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