EU: Commissioner for Jobs Nicolas Schmit gives update on projects in social sphere

With France set to take over the rotating European Union Council Presidency in the coming months, Nicolas Schmit, the European Commissioner for Jobs and Social Rights, made a trip to Paris to meet with meet ministers and social partners. Interviewed by members of the association of social news journalists (AJIS) on Friday 17 September, Schmit gave an update on the EU’s plans in the social sphere: minimum wages, vocational training, platforms and regulation of remote work. According to the Commissioner, these plans are in keeping with the ambitions of the von der Leyen Commission for a “strong social Europe”.

Through . Published on 20 September 2021 à 14h49 - Update on 20 September 2021 à 14h49

“There is a paradigm shift in the European Commission’s approach to social issues,” an enthused Nicolas Schmit underlined, adding: “Back in 2010, the Commission was proposing to lower wages, including minimum wages. Today, we are working to make adjustments to raise wages.” The Commissioner called for a real “social Europe”, stressing that “the Union’s capabilities are not unlimited but real”. “The crisis has shown that without the social dimension, the economy does not work. We must learn from this so that we do not build back in the same way;…

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