EU: what change EU telework legislation could affect in Member States

Two and a half years on from the massive shift to remote work as lockdowns were put in place to contain the coronavirus pandemic, many European countries have introduced or updated their legislation on remote work or telework. From the differences of clauses in employment contracts, to unequal financial compensation and the implementation of the right to disconnect, mind RH has scrutinised the regulations introduced by the 27 European Union Member States.

Through Antoine Piel avec Aymeric Marolleau. Published on 28 October 2022 Ă  16h20 - Update on 28 October 2022 Ă  16h39

Of the 27 Member States, 11 have updated their legislation on remote work since the start of the pandemic. These changes have reinforced the framework for remote work where it was lacking, but also adapted legislation to the challenges of the post-Covid world of work,…

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