[mind RH study] EU: why the pay transparency directive may not be enough to close the pay gap

By 2026, all European Union countries will have to transpose the directive on pay transparency. While all countries have a legal requirement for equal pay, the gap between the wages paid to men and women remains significant. mind RH has compiled a comparative overview of measures to combat inequality, beyond what is the result of the unequal access to the highest-paying sectors and professions. While the European Commission is optimistic about the directive's impact, national experiences of pay transparency show that applying this alone it is not enough to close the gap.

Through Antoine Piel et Sara Chaouki. Published on 04 December 2023 Ă  17h09 - Update on 04 December 2023 Ă  17h09

The date 3 November 2023 marks the day from which women in the European Union effectively stop getting paid, in light of the gender pay gap that exists,…

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