Austria : an algorithm that evaluates the unemployed (briefly)

Austria’s employment agency the Arbeitsmarktservice (AMS) has caused a deal of controversy after it announced it was willing to use an algorithm that evaluates both the employability of those without jobs and their ‘probability of integration’ (Integrations-Chancenwert). Those with more than 66% of positive points belong to the ‘High probability’ cohort and those with fewer than 25% belong to the ‘Low probability’ cohort. An AMS guidance document indicates that criteria such as ‘female’, ‘older worker’, and ‘foreign national’ subtract candidates’ points-totals. The information has triggered a wave of criticism in terms of the likely higher levels of discrimination that will result from using the algorithm. In response the AMS clarifies that the results allow it to better understand the population and its abilities so that it can better assists those most in need via assistance and tailored training opportunities that meet their needs. The AMS argues that ‘building an accurate picture of what is our reality cannot in itself be called discriminatory.’

Through . Published on 24 October 2018 à 11h12 - Update on 24 October 2018 à 14h53

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