Austria: government and social partners discuss directive on remote work

On Friday 18 September, Austria’s minister for labour Christine Aschbacher launched efforts to draw up a directive on remote working, which should be ready in March next year.  Social partners are closely involved in the process, which involves the establishment of several working groups on the topic. The need for such a directive has arisen due to the period of lockdown following the Covid-19 outbreak, during which the proportion people working remotely – or teleworking – temporarily increased from 10% to 40% of employees.

Through . Published on 21 September 2020 à 15h27 - Update on 21 September 2020 à 16h58

Clarifying the rules for remote work without weakening employee protection. Christine Aschbacher, Austria’s labour minister, together with representatives of trade unions, the Austrian Economic Chamber (WKÖ), the Chamber for Workers and Employees (AK) and the Federation of Austrian Industries (IV), kicked off the process of drawing up a directive on telework on Friday 18 September.…

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