Belgium : federal parliament officially adopts the ‘job deal’ bill

On 29 September Belgium’s parliament approved the ‘job deal’ bill that aims to adapt how work is organised in order to better suit current developments and to help achieve an employment rate of 80% by 2030. Among the bill’s main measures is the introduction of the four-day working week, the recognition of a right to disconnect, and the establishment of workplace accident protection for online platform workers.

Through . Published on 05 October 2022 à 14h11 - Update on 05 October 2022 à 14h11
Belgique chambre

On 29 September the ‘job deal’ bill, tabled to parliament on 15 February 2022, was finally adopted in plenary session (page 46). This bill that the Minister of Economy and Labour Pierre-Yves Dermagne originally introduced contains a package of measures reforming the labour market, providing greater flexibility for companies and employees (c.f. article No.12739), and enhancing workers’ employability.…

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