Chile: Government launches National Workplace Equity Plan

Promoting the return of women to work and achieving gender equality are the objectives of Chile’s 2021-2030 National Plan for Workplace Equity, unveiled on 03 March by Women's and Equality Minister Mónica Zalaquett, accompanied by the Ministers of the Economy and Labour. While the Covid-19 health crisis has led hundreds of thousands of Chilean women to be laid off or forced to leave their jobs, the goal of the national ‘roadmap’ is to reach, by 2030, the OECD average workplace female participation rate, i.e., 63.8%, compared to its current rate of barely 50%.

Through . Published on 08 March 2022 à 11h41 - Update on 08 March 2022 à 11h41

Instead of than a detailed program, the plan is more of a ‘roadmap’ intended to ‘guide the public and private sectors’ in their reflections “in order to advance towards a society in which men and women can have the same opportunities, the same rights, and the same responsibilities in the world of work,” stated the Women’s and Equality Minister,…

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