China: steps towards more paid leave and a right to disconnect

Every year in March, the two main assemblies of the People's Republic of China hold their plenary sessions. Once again this year, from 4 to 11 March, this important event gave the Chinese government the opportunity to take stock and provide a glimpse of upcoming policy movements, particularly in relation to employment and working conditions.

Through Éric Sautedé. Published on 22 March 2024 à 10h39 - Update on 22 March 2024 à 16h29

Premier Li Qiang focused on a number of employment-related issues, with particular attention paid to the most vulnerable groups, such as young graduates (11.7 million this year). There was special mention of new forms of employment, particularly those linked to the platform economy, with emphasis on the importance of vocational training, protection against discrimination and the extension of insurance against work-related accidents.…

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