France: National Assembly unanimously approves extension of caregiver leave

Through . Published on 25 October 2021 à 13h17 - Update on 25 October 2021 à 13h17

The criteria for entitlement to caregiver leave and compensation are to be broadened, following amendments to the French Social Security Financing Bill (PLFSS), which were unanimously adopted by the National Assembly on Friday 22 October. The changes apply to a scheme that was introduced in 2017 but has only offered compensation since 2020. The leave allowance has a legal duration of 3 months and is open to all employees close to a disabled person or an individual dealing with a serious loss of independence (part of a couple, ascendant/descendant relative, ascendant/descendant relative of spouse, individual with close and stable ties). Estimates in a 2020 survey indicate there are around 11 million family carers in France, but the government revealed at the beginning of the month that only 5,000 of them benefited from the legal scheme. Although 16,000 people had applied, most did not meet the eligibility criteria. As such, relatives of people “whose disability or loss of independence may, without being particularly serious, require regular assistance” will now also be eligible. The daily allowance will increase from €43 or €52 (for those in couples and single people respectively) to €58 net per day, at the level of the minimum wage. These measures will come into force by 1 January 2023 at the latest if the PLFSS is adopted by both chambers of the French parliament.

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