France: scale-up Qonto supports growth push with mental health start-up

Since 2019, French financial services company Qonto has offered its staff access to mental health professionals, group prevention workshops and training for managers with the help of the start-up Thanks to this mental healthcare solution, Qonto has been able to adapt its HR policy and support its rapid growth.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 02 June 2023 Ă  15h45 - Update on 02 June 2023 Ă  15h45

Founded in 2016, Qonto already has more than 1,100 employees and has grown rapidly from start-up to scale-up, with a presence in five countries. “We are aware that this growth context in tech is very demanding, so we wanted to offer a safe and secure space where employees could express themselves,” says Margaux Reboul, senior lead, people experience at the company. Therefore in 2019, when it only had 150 employees, the company opted to work with, a start-up specialising in mental health that raised €15 million in a 2022 funding round.…

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