Germany: new ruling coalition proposes its ‘apprenticeship guarantee’ to combat skills shortage

In taking up a long-time trade union call, Germany’s new ‘Tricolour’ government has committed itself by way of the coalition contract to creating an ‘apprenticeship guarantee,’ whereby every young person who so wishes would be guaranteed an apprenticeship in a company or in a training establishment outside the company. This is one of the measures envisaged by the new governing coalition to curb the shortage of skilled labour, which otherwise ultimately jeopardises its ultra-ambitious climate programme.

Through . Published on 20 January 2022 à 11h29 - Update on 20 January 2022 à 11h29

By 2030, Germany, the world’s fourth largest economy, intends to bring the share of renewable energy in its electricity consumption up to 80%,  by way of equipping every new roof with solar panels, building 400,000 new homes a year and so on … However the question is who will build all the solar units,…

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