Greece: companies to be able to ask employees to work six days a week

From 1 July, employers will be able to ask their employees to work an exceptional sixth day of the week. This additional working day will be paid 40% more than the usual rate and must not exceed eight hours. In addition, the trial period will be limited to a maximum of six months.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 22 May 2024 Ă  13h58 - Update on 22 May 2024 Ă  15h34

Law 5053/2023, which allows employers to ask their employees to work a sixth day in the week, will come into force on 1 July. This option will be available to companies that do not have a continuous activity but can “operate 24 hours a day from Monday to Saturday with a system of alternating shifts”. The sixth working day will then be authorised in the event of unforeseen circumstances,…

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