Italy: law on Smart Working and independent working is definitively adopted

At its final reading on 10 May, Italy’s Senate finally adopted the law on measures that both protect independent workers and for the first time address Smart Working (flexibility over working time and workplace). For Labor Minister Giuliani Poletti the law is ‘innovative and goes a long way to complete the Jobs Act reform process.”

Through . Published on 11 May 2017 à 15h24 - Update on 11 May 2017 à 15h24

The law which was only marginally changed after its first reading comprises two distinct sections; one that addresses a regulatory framework for employees’ ‘agile working’ and the other that addresses measures protecting non-entrepreneur independent workers. This text has been much anticipated in light of the changing labor landscape that is blurring the lines between salaried employee and independent worker and combines with the new technological wave that is making ones actual physical presence in the workplace less necessary.…

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