Italy: vaccination mandatory for over-50s under stricter workplace rules

Through . Published on 14 January 2022 à 11h15 - Update on 14 January 2022 à 11h15

Under the decree law issued by the Italian government on 7 January, which contains new measures to slow the surge in Covid-19 infections, those over the age of 50 are required to be vaccinated against the virus (including with the third ‘booster’ dose). From 15 February, all employees over the age of 50, in both the private and public sectors, will therefore be required to present a health pass that proves they have been vaccinated against Covid or have recovered from the virus to access their workplace. It is the responsibility of employers to check the validity of health passes (workers may choose to give a copy to the company). All those over the age of 50 who have not been vaccinated will be deemed unjustified absentees and will not be entitled to any pay until their situation has been rectified, but they will not face dismissal or disciplinary action. Anyone who breaches this rule, by going to work without a valid health pass, will be fined between €600 and €1,500. Italy was the first European country to make the health pass compulsory for all workers, with the measure having been in force since 15 October 2021 (see article n°12747). At the beginning of January, the government also issued a circular urging all employers to make maximum use of remote working in the coming weeks.

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