Luxembourg: introduction of new family leave periods for employees

During the summer 2023 two laws were published in Luxembourg's Official Gazette aimed at facilitating employees’ work-life balance. Specifically, two new leave entitlements for employees assisting family members have been introduced alongside additional opportunities for flexible working. The right to a leave period on the birth of a child has also been extended to the person being recognised as the second parent.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 14 September 2023 Ă  12h05 - Update on 14 September 2023 Ă  11h57

Law of August 15 2023 came into force on 21 August 2023 and transposes the European Directive 2019/1158 on work-life balance for parents and carers. The law introduces two new leave entitlements for employees into the Luxembourg Labour Code so that now employees are entitled to:

  • one day’s leave over a 12-month period ‘for reasons of force majeure linked to urgent family reasons in the event of illness or accident making the employee’s immediate presence indispensable’;…
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