Mexico: a bill to regulate digital platform-based work

The bill, presented by a senator of the current ruling majority party, intends to recognize ‘digital worker’ status for platform-based vehicle for hire drivers and delivery drivers, and to guarantee that their salary rights are respected. In total, six bills aimed at regulating the employment relationship between platforms and their workers are currently awaiting consideration by Congressional labour committees. The executive branch, which is seeking to reform the Federal Labor Law accordingly, is expected to soon give the green light to the majority ruling parliamentarians.

Through . Published on 27 October 2021 à 11h52 - Update on 27 October 2021 à 14h14

“By recognizing salary rights and clearly defining who is the employee and who is the employer, we will give certainty to the employment relationships arising from activities carried out via digital platforms,” writes Senator Lilia Margarita Váldez Martínez (majority ruling and presidential Morena party), in the introduction to her proposed law to “regulate the worker profile on digital platforms.”…

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