[mind RH study] EU: parental leave continues to vary greatly from country to country

With French president Emmanuel Macron having announced that he wants to replace parental leave with a new, shorter but better-paid birth leave scheme by 2025, mind RH takes a look at how parental leave is implemented across the European Union. While all 27 member states now have a parental leave allowance of at least four months, either paid or partially compensated, the benefits vary from country to country.

Through Nathalie Tran avec Aymeric Marolleau. Published on 29 February 2024 Ă  17h05 - Update on 01 March 2024 Ă  13h51

All 27 member states of the European Union now have parental leave allowances of at least four months, in line with the provisions of Directive 2019/1158 on work-life balance for parents and carers.…

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