Paternity leave: application varies significantly between countries

Many countries now offer paid paternity leave, especially with such an allowance having become compulsory in the European Union, under the bloc's work-life balance directive, since 2 August 2022. mind RH has set out to assess how this leave allowance – reserved specifically for fathers, or second parents in countries where co-parenting is recognised – is implemented around the world. In some countries, notably in the Nordic region, such leave forms an integral part of the parental leave framework, rather than being an allowance in its own right.

Through Nathalie Tran avec Sara Chaouki. Published on 24 April 2023 Ă  16h16 - Update on 24 April 2023 Ă  16h33

Some 26 of the European Union member states have now introduced a paid leave allowance of at least 10 working days for fathers following the birth – or adoption – of a child, as required by the EU directive on work-life balance.…

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