Portugal: new government aims to improve quality of employment

Prime Minister LuĂ­s Montenegro, the centre-right leader who won the parliamentary elections on 10 March, presented his roadmap to parliament on Thursday 11 April. The minority government's programme for the next four years was then approved on 12 April. Among the priorities of the "XXIV Constitutional Government" are several measures to improve employment and working conditions, including a 22% increase in the legal minimum wage by 2028.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 15 April 2024 Ă  15h13 - Update on 15 April 2024 Ă  15h29

The government’s programme contains numerous measures set to be beneficial to employment and working conditions. In addition to promising tax cuts and exemptions from social security contributions for businesses, Portugal’s new prime minister, LuĂ­s Montenegro, intends to improve the quality of employment in the country in order to halt the flight of young, qualified talent to other countries and improve national productivity. “In the field of work and employment, Portugal is systematically singled out as a country where people work long hours, without much productivity, and where wages are low, not only because of the level of the minimum wage,…

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