Romania: bill presented to allow both parents to take parental leave simultaneously

Through . Published on 21 October 2022 à 12h11 - Update on 21 October 2022 à 12h11

Romanian member of parliament Cristina Rizea, from the pro-European opposition party REPER (Renewing Romania’s European Project), this week presented a bill to parliament that would allow both parents to take parental leave simultaneously. The bill brought before the house on 19 October would not amend the duration of parental leave but would offer parents greater flexibility. At present, parental leave last up to a maximum of two years – or three if the child is disabled – and must begin during the six months following the child’s birth. It can be shared between both parents (see article n°13163). Parents are then paid a monthly allowance, covered by the state. Cristina Rizea’s proposal would allow the mother and father, if they so wish, to be on leave either simultaneously or – as is currently the case – at separate times. “Both parents can, for example, opt to take parental leave in the first six months after the birth, accumulating 12 months together. The following 12 months can be taken by either parent,” she said. “In some cases, the need for both parents to be present at the beginning of a child’s life is imperative. From early education to elements of health, motor skills and primary skill development, the active involvement of both parents, if they deem such an approach appropriate, bodes well,” she underlined.

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