Slovakia: introduction of a 14-day paid paternity leave entitlement

Through . Published on 20 October 2022 à 14h24 - Update on 20 October 2022 à 14h24

An amendment to Slovakia’s Labour Code provides for two weeks of paid leave (14 calendar days) for new fathers, which can be extended in cases where the child/children or mother are hospitalised. This leave period must be taken no later than six weeks after the birth of the child. When a father takes up maternity benefit entitlements, these two weeks of paternity leave become part of the total 28 weeks of paid leave to which he is entitled (or 31 weeks for single fathers and 37 weeks in case of twins or more). The Minister of Labour, Social Affairs and Family Milan Krajniak has clarified that paternity leave will not be paid by the employer but instead will be provided by the health insurance service. The average daily amount of the allowance is estimated at €36.5 in 2022 and approximately €39 in 2023. This amount can be received by the father even if the mother is concurrently receiving a maternity or parental allowance for a different child. Finally, these leave periods will be ‘protected periods’, meaning that employers cannot terminate fathers’ employment contracts during their leave periods. This Labour Code amendment, which transposes the European directive on work-life balance for parents and carers (c.f. article No.11231), should apply as of 01 November 2022.

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