Spain: European directive on transparent working conditions transposed

On 6 February, Spain's Council of Ministers approved the decree transposing the European directive on transparent and predictable working conditions. One of the most important aspects of the text is the ban on companies unilaterally reducing part-time hours. This clause potentially affects 2.8 million people, according to calculations by the Ministry of Labour. All fraudulent part-time contracts will be reclassified as open-ended contracts.

Through CĂ©cile Thibaud. Published on 09 February 2024 Ă  14h24 - Update on 09 February 2024 Ă  14h24

“This is the end of zero-hour contracts and the obligation for employees to be permanently available,” says Spanish labour minister Yolanda Diaz, emphasising the importance of these new rules, which she said would provide greater protection and stability,…

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