United Kingdom: Deliveroo riders not entitled to ‘worker’ status, Supreme Court says

On 21 November, the UK's highest court ruled that, unlike Uber drivers, Deliveroo delivery staff do not have the right to be represented by a trade union in order to organise pay negotiations. In so doing, the five judges charged with deciding this landmark case reaffirmed that the delivery riders are indeed self-employed.

Through Jessica Agache-Gorse. Published on 23 November 2023 Ă  15h03 - Update on 23 November 2023 Ă  16h20

In its decision, the Supreme Court explains that the delivery drivers on the app do not have an employer-employee relationship with Deliveroo. However, “the right to form a trade union only arises in the context of an employment relationship”, points out Nick Humphreys, partner in the London office,…

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