Siemens: an intelligent learning experience platform that helps employees acquire the competences they will need for tomorrow

What is the impact of digitalization on training and lifelong learning within businesses? How can we identify essential competences several years ahead? How can we learn to learn in the digital age? Working on these types of questions is the daily work of Matthias Reuter, Global Director Learning and Digital Transformation, at Siemens AG. Matthias Reuter explained to Planet Labor to what extent the company has to shorten the time required for developing new competences as well as to alter how learning occurs. Matthias Reuter details what is at stake, how the Siemens intelligent learning experience platform operates, and how it enables employees to receive personalized training opportunities.

Through . Published on 12 March 2019 Ă  11h40 - Update on 12 March 2019 Ă  16h26

Turnkey solutions. According to Reuter, Siemens has already a long track record in digitalization. However the theme is taking on a whole new dimension within the German conglomerate that was founded in 1847 and that employs around 379,000 across the globe (2018 business revenues of €83 billion). New technologies are comprehensively altering modes of production across the group’s basic business activities as well as leading to the emergence of new business models.…

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