German CIB Group introduces four-day working week

Since 06 September, the digital solutions company CIB has switched over to a four-day working week with shortened weekly hours (36 instead of 40 previously), Thursday nights off, and the digital disconnection of all employees on the last three days of the week. The new work organization applies to the company's headquarters in Munich and its six other locations spread across Germany, Austria and Spain.

Through . Published on 21 October 2021 Ă  14h25 - Update on 21 October 2021 Ă  14h02

The initiative comes from CIB founder and CEO Ulrich Brandner. “The basic idea is that we can free ourselves from routine time-consuming tasks thanks to our own digital solutions,” he explains, convinced that “the future should move towards less human automation and more creativity.” According to the CEO, his company’s new work rhythm is in line with demographic changes that will lead to longer working lives.…

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