Gertrud Götze (T-Systems Austria/Schweiz): “The four-day week is an attractive project, but requires careful preparation”

Based on the initiative of Gertrud Götze, Vice President of the Human Resources Department for the Austrian and Swiss subsidiaries of German digital services company, T-Systems, the Austrian entity has launched a four-day week pilot project affecting 10% of the workforce. The HR VP believes that the problem of recruiting qualified workers is perhaps more an issue of company general and job profile attractiveness. Furthermore, the shorter work week is an attractive dual solution to improving the recruitment situation and meeting work-life balance aspirations.  

Through Thomas Schnee. Published on 07 March 2023 à 13h45 - Update on 10 March 2023 à 9h29

How did you come up with the idea of the four-day week?

The idea came from two considerations. The first was the lack of skilled labour. While this is an issue that is currently much discussed, I’m not convinced that the shortage is as great as people purport. When I saw the number of job candidates lining up to join Google, Microsoft, and Deutsche Telekom because they are ‘cool’ companies, I thought companies also have to learn to be more attractive and become ‘cool.’ The second was about working time, which, especially since the pandemic, has become an extremely important factor for both employees and HR. It is a key issue for the new generations who are seeking more time and a better work-life balance.…

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