Great Britain: building materials group Tarmac adds another element to its ongoing policy of supporting women in work

On 09 June, Tarmac announced that going forward it would be providing free period care products to all its female UK employees. This move is part of an overall policy to support and include women in the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction business, (10,000 staff globally), where females currently account for just 16.5% of the group's workforce.

Through Jessica Agache-Gorse. Published on 14 June 2023 Ă  12h27 - Update on 14 June 2023 Ă  12h27

Organic Mondays period care products will be made available free of charge to employees at all Tarmac’s sites in the UK. This company makes sustainably-sourced plastic-free organic period products and Louise Houston, head of inclusion and diversity at Tarmac said that with this partnership “We hope to make a positive impact to wellbeing at work and contribute to a more sustainable future”,…

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