Great Britain: Co-op supermarket group offers unlimited fertility leave

On 31 October, longstanding British consumer co-operative, Co-op, announced it was implementing a landmark policy that supports employees undergoing fertility treatment. The scheme will allow those undergoing treatment to take unlimited paid time off work to attend appointments. Partners of colleagues undergoing fertility treatment and employees using surrogacy will also be supported with paid leave to attend a number of appointments. The Co-op is advocating for the widespread introduction of fertility support policies.

Through Jessica Agache-Gorse. Published on 03 November 2022 Ă  12h41 - Update on 03 November 2022 Ă  12h41

Unveiled during National Fertility Awareness Week in the UK, the Co-op’s fertility treatment policy allows people undergoing fertility treatment to take flexible and unlimited time off to attend medical appointments. ‘This time off is flexible and unrestricted as we don’t assume to know what people will need,’ the group statement reads. However there is a time limit set for employees who are partners (including ‘same sex partners/intended parents/colleagues conceiving through a surrogate’) of someone undergoing fertility treatment.…

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