Italy: employees of shipbuilder Fincantieri granted greater access to remote work

Under an agreement penned this summer by the Fincantieri group, Europe's leading shipbuilder, and the Fiom-Cgil, Fim-Cisl and UILM trade unions, the number of employees eligible for smart working in Italy will increase by 70%, while the number of days staff may work remotely will rise from four to eight per month. The agreement is part of the new organisational model introduced by the group, focused on objective-based work and employee autonomy and empowerment.

Through Hélène Martinelli. Published on 22 September 2023 à 15h29 - Update on 22 September 2023 à 15h29

The agreement, valid from 1 September 2023 to 31 August 2024 and tacitly renewable, confirms the mechanism implemented after the pandemic, with significant improvements. In particular, 3,300 Fincantieri employees and managers will – on a voluntary basis – be able to conduct so-called “smart working” compared with the current figure of 1,950 out of around 11,000 workers in Italy.…

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