Porsche: wide flexible working time plan to boost productivity

In spite of its rising workforce and working and pay conditions a lot of employees dream about, the major increase in pace in the factories of the jewel of the German auto industry is putting Porsche workers under growing pressure.  To maintain a high level of productivity without raising stress levels, and to remain one of young graduates’ preferred employers, Porsche’s social partners have negotiated a company agreement introducing the 34-hour week with no pay cut as well as a series of measures on flexible working time, home office and work-life balance.  Kai Bliesener, general secretary of the WC at the parent factory in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, details these measures for Planet Labor.

Through . Published on 28 April 2014 à 14h23 - Update on 29 April 2014 à 10h14

Offering compensation to workers under pressure.  2014 started with a flourish for Porsche, the carmaker and favorite company of young college graduates.  With a 4.5 percent increase in sales in the 1st quarter, a profit of more than €16,000 per car sold (€1,000 for VW) and a record exceptional bonus of €8,200 per employee (€600 automatically sent to the corporate pension), it seems that everything is going well at Porsche’s kingdom in Stuttgart.  Yet, these results come from employees’ increasingly intense work, even though the workforce is increasing –…

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