Spain: Inditex committing to effective equality

Spanish multinational clothing and textile group Inditex, which owns the Zara enterprise, has negotiated its first equality plan with the trade unions. The plan includes a hundred or so measures to ensure the promotion of equal opportunities in recruitment and career development. It notably includes work-life balance measures, harassment detection and intervention protocols, as well as protection for female employees who are victims of gender-based violence.

Through CĂ©cile Thibaud. Published on 18 April 2023 Ă  12h45 - Update on 18 April 2023 Ă  12h38

The Inditex Group signed this landmark global equality plan with the main CCOO and UGT Spanish trade unions. Effective from 13 April 2023 this four-year plan forms part of the company’s legal obligation to negotiate equality plans, a requirement which in Spain dates back to 2007 for companies with more than 250 employees, and more recently to 2022 for companies with more than 50 employees.…

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