France: Bouygues Telecom offers students direct contact with its own dual work-study colleagues

Through . Published on 12 April 2022 à 12h29 - Update on 12 April 2022 à 12h29

The French communications company is innovating in terms of the jobs candidate experience. With its dual work-study recruitment campaign, the company is offering applicants a direct video-conference exchange with its current dual work-study students. Over a one-week period, the company’s current dual work-study students will share their experiences and answer students’ questions via the Apizee platform, (a Bouygues Telecom subsidiary). On 11 April the operator launched a media plan across the social networks, in particular across Instagram and LinkedIn, both of which are heavily used by students, with LinkedIn also considerably relied on by universities and business and engineering schools. The matching process is quick and easy. A student clicks on the relevant banner and arrives at a page outlining and describing the scheme. The student then selects a career path s/he is interested in, and this automatically launches a video conference call. At the end of the call, the student is redirected to the Bouygues Telecom corporate website careers pages where s/he can learn more about the company and find all the company’s work-study offers. In 2022, Bouygues Telecom, which employs 9,550, plans to take on 200 new work-study students with between 3 and 5 years of post-secondary level education in its 14 divisions and 150 professions (telecoms network, cybersecurity, data, digital, sales, marketing, finance, HR, etc.) throughout France, and primarily at its sites in Meudon-la-Forêt, Aix-en-Provence, Bordeaux, Nantes, and Strasbourg.

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