France: how Cegedim uses referrals to recruit and retain employees

French healthcare and services group Cegedim (6,500 employees) uses the Basile solution to fill some of its recruitment gaps through referrals. It's a way of improving the success rate of new hires, but also of rewarding employees, by following a few rules.

Through Antoine Piel. Published on 14 March 2024 Ă  12h10 - Update on 14 March 2024 Ă  18h01

Cegedim is paying its employees as much as €2,500 for passing on suitable applicants.  What prompted the company’s HR department to spend the money to let go of part of its regal recruitment mission for the benefit of all its staff? While the company acknowledges that hiring difficulties existed until 2022, this is not understood to be the case today. “There are some developer or niche expert roles for which recruitment remains complex, but overall, the job market is less under pressure and it’s easier to recruit,” explains Anne-Louise Senne, group HR director. On the other hand, Cegedim is experiencing strong growth (6% in 2022 and 11% in 2023),…

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