France: Mutuelle Générale strengthens its policy in favour of people with disabilities

On 20 March, Mutuelle Générale, together with all its representative trade unions (CFDT, CFE-CGC, FO, Unsa), renewed the three-year agreement on the employment of those with disabilities. With this signature, the French health insurance and pension service provider is committed to continuing its policy dating back to 2014 of hiring and retaining staff with disabilities as well as to augmenting awareness and training on the topic for all its 1,900 staff in order to "strengthen a climate of trust that is necessary for the well-being" of the employees concerned.

Through Nathalie Tran. Published on 27 April 2023 à 15h38 - Update on 27 April 2023 à 15h38
Key points
Greater understanding and acceptance of disability
Improved hiring and integration of people with disabilities
Employment retention via training and adaptation of working conditions

Over the past three years, 19 disabled workers have been hired on permanent employment contracts, 28 staff members have received official recognition of their degree of disability (the RQTH ‘reconnaissance de la qualité de travailleur handicap’),…

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